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Office Storage is an often overlooked, but very necessary requirement in a corporate or home office. While your office desk and comfortable seating are important for getting your daily tasks accomplished, your office storage, including metal file cabinets, storage cabinets, wall storage, or overhead bins is imperative for organization, protection, and even to enhance your office décor.


In a corporate setting, you can create a warm and opulent executive space by adding rich wood storage cabinets and wood file cabinets. Stellar Office Furniture has endless number of finishes that will compliment or blend with your office furniture including cherry storage cabinets, oak file cabinets, or even white storage cabinets. Storage cabinets with doors and shelves can serve a multipurpose function in both organizing and decorating your space.


In your home office, small storage cabinets or pedestals can function to store billing statements, bank information, and other household items.


Storage is no longer just for paper. As technology becomes easier and society makes moves to being more paperless, this does not mean that office storage becomes obsolete. In fact, it is just the opposite. Fireproof data storage is something new that we must think about in both our corporate and home offices. A personal fireproof file or storage cabinet keeps your personal information and valuables safe from damage. Consider flameproof file cabinets to store both paper files and data including both physical and digital copies of your employee records, financial information, tax statements, will, mortgage documents, insurance information, passport, jewelry, or cash. Don’t forget to include a recording of your entire office or home that documents furniture, artwork, or any valuables. This can be priceless in the event of an insurance claim.


An organized space not only provides a comfortable and encouraging environment, but it also sends a positive message to guests or potential clients. Stellar Office Furniture has the knowledge and staff to help establish your storage needs. We are here to guide you through the process and obtain the perfect storage solutions for your corporate or home office.


With over 30 years of experience, Stellar Office Furniture is a reliable and established source for office furniture and seating. We are proud to offer high quality and comfortable file cabinet and storage options in a variety of price points. There is something for every budget. With our extensive experience in commercial office furniture and the home office, we want to work with you to find the storage for your needs.